Copy of Black ant

Black Ant

Copy of ant hill

Ant Hill

Copy of Carpenter ants

Carpenter Ants

Copy of Carpenter Ant Damage

Carpenter Ant Damage

Copy of Odorous house ant

Odorous Ant

Copy of Odorous house ants

Odorous Ants

wolf spider

Wolf Spider

grass spider

Grass Spider

cellar spider

Cellar Spider

Copy of Commom Garden Spider

Garden Spider

Copy of Unbrella wasp

Umbrella Wasp

Copy of Unbrella wasp nests

Umbrella Wasp Nest

mud dauber

Mud Dauber

Copy of Mud Daubers nests

Mud Dauber Nest

Copy of yellowjacket

Yellow Jacket

Copy of yellow jacket nest

Yellow Jacket Nest

Copy of Yellow Jackets nest above ceiling

Yellow Jacket Nest in Ceiling

Copy of Cicada Killer wasp

Cicada Killer Wasp

honey bee

Honey Bee

Copy of Displaced Honey Bees Nest

Honey Bee Nest

bumble bee2

Bumble Bee

Copy of german ground bee

German Ground Bee

Copy of Greman ground bee nest

German Ground Bee Nest

Copy of Solitaire Ground Bee

Solitary Ground Bee

Copy of Solitaire ground bee nests

Solitary Ground Bee Nest

bald faced hornet

Bald Faced Hornet

Copy of American cockroach

American Cockroach

Copy of German Roach

German Roach

Copy of Oriental cockroach

Oriental Cockroach




Occasional Invader Pests







Copy of Boxelder bugs adults and nymphs

Box Elder Bugs

Copy of Asian Lady Beetles

Asian Lady Beetles

Copy of Black cricket

Black Cricket

Copy of Brown cricket

Brown Cricket

Copy of Cave cricket

Cave Cricket

Copy of Mole cricket

Mole Cricket

Copy of Black ground beetle

Black Ground Beetle

Copy of Cicada


Copy of Cicadas shed exoskeleton

Cicada sheds exoskeleton

Copy of Clovermite

Clover Mite

Copy of Cluster Fly

Cluster Fly

Copy of June bug

June Bug

Copy of Mayfly

May Fly

Copy of Stag beetle

Stag Beetle

Copy of Hackberry gall psyllid

Hackberry Gal

Copy of Hackberry gal psyllid eggs

Hackberry Gal eggs

Copy of Stink bug

Stink Bug

Copy of Termiteant

Winged Termite

Copy of walking stick

Walking Stick



Plant Eaters Found in Your Yard

Copy of grasshopper


Copy of Japanese beetle

Japanese Beetle

Copy of Japanese beetle feeding-damage

Japanese Beetle damage

Copy of leafhopper

Leaf Hopper

Blood Feeding Insects

Copy of Bed bug

Bed Bug

Copy of Bed bug bites

Bed Bug bites

Copy of flea



Wood Tick


Copy of voles


Copy of Shrew


field mouse

Field Mouse

house mouse

House Mouse

norway rat (2)

Norway Rat




Stored Products Pests

Copy of Indian meal moth

Indian Meal Moth

Copy of Indian meal moth larvae

Larve Indian Meal Moth

Copy of drugstorebeetle

Drug Store Beetle

grain beetle

Grain Beetle

Not Commonly Found in Wisconsin

black widow

Black Widow Spider

brown recluse

Brown Recluse Spider



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Black ant
ant hill400
Carpenter ants350
Carpenter Ant Damage
Odorous house ant350
Odorous house ants
Commom Garden Spider
Unbrella wasp
Unbrella wasp nests
Mud Daubers nests
yellow jacket nest
Cicada Killer wasp
german ground bee
Greman ground bee nest
Solitaire Ground Bee
Solitaire ground bee nests
American cockroach
German Roach
Oriental cockroach
Boxelder bugs adults and nymphs
Asian Lady Beetles
Black cricket
Brown cricket
Cave cricket
Mole cricket
Black ground beetle
Cicadas shed exoskeleton
Cluster Fly
June bug
Stag beetle
Hackberry gall psyllid
Hackberry gal psyllid eggs
stink bug
walking stick
Japanese beetle
Japanese beetle feeding-damage
Bed bug
Bed bug bites
Yellow Jackets nest above ceiling1
Indian meal moth
Indian meal moth larvae
Displaced Honey Bees Nest
norway rat
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